My Story

Ever since I was a child, I noticed that I could see colors all around me, and I especially enjoyed the vibrant and rich colors of nature. I soon discovered that what I was able to perceive was actually beyond the visible spectrum. For example, if I forgot someone’s name, I could instead refer to them by the color of their presence, but this never held much meaning in my immediate surroundings. This ability left me with many questions, and as I grew up it began to diminish.

My inclination towards colors lead me to study fashion design in Rotterdam, and I spent a few years working in the industry. When my children were born, I sought out a more flexible occupation and opened my own nail salon, Xandéraa Nailcare in Amstelveen. Once again, I was surrounded by colors: When I first started I had more than 80 colors to choose from, which was very rare at the time, and still is today. I take a lot of pride in the variety of beautiful colors that I can offer my clients at the salon.

At Later on in life, when I was dealing with a personal struggle, my aunt introduced me to Reiki. Suddenly I experienced a burst of colors: In people, in animals and even in trees. Over time, whenever I experienced hardships, I noticed that the colors would become more pronounced, as if asking me to remove stressful distractions from my life and instead integrate the colors into my daily life, as would my inner child. That’s when I became more interested in holistic treatments.

My Training

After my initial interest in Reiki in 2001, I received my certificate as a Reiki Master in 2003.

I studied Auratouch healing for two years in the Nederlof Center in Amsterdam and was certified as a healer. During my studies I was briefly introduced to Shamanism and was immediately intrigued. I began studying in the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, founded by Michael Harner in Nijmegen.

I soon heard about renowned American Shamanic Healer, Sandra Ingerman. She happened to be in Europe and was giving a “Medicine for the Earth” workshop in Scotland. Luckily, there was one spot left so I flew to Scotland and trained with her for 5 days in an intense Shamanism workshop.

This sparked an interest in many different workshops, which I successfully completed. Once I had accumulated enough experience, I was eligible to join Sandra Ingerman once again, this time in the USA, where she was hosting an intensive 5-day Soul Retrieval training workshop.

In addition to studying under Ingerman, I also began a collaboration with her, translating her book “Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self” as well as translating her monthly newsletters from English to Dutch.

My Tools

During Reiki and Auratouch healing sessions, I often rely on color readings: I can see the color of your Aura, colors you may be missing, or colors which are misplaced. At times when I cannot see colors, I instead receive a heightened sense of empathy, which allows me sense pain or discomfort you may be experiencing on a conscious or subconscious level. These two tools work separately but are deeply connected, acting as a guide or map of important information.

My Mission

I hope to help women reconnect with their own power and develop a more balanced and effective work life and daily routine. When you open yourself up to the world from a position of strength, you have more to offer and are kinder to yourself and others.

If you’re dealing with trauma, the part of you that was injured is gone and you can no longer talk to it. With the right treatment I can bring back that part of you. Then, if you choose to go to a doctor or psychologist, you can better communicate with that part instead of spending most of your time trying to bridge the gap it created. For this reason, I see my treatments as complimentary to conventional medicine, and not opposed to it.

It’s really amazing to see the sparkle reappear in the eyes of another person and be able to sense the change in energy. I always make sure to greet the change by ending the healing sessions with the words, “Welcome home.”