Essential Oils as a Lifestyle

Essential oils have many benefits and purposes, which can greatly enhance an already full and blissful lifestyle. Combining essential oils into your daily routine is a fantastic way to protect what matters most to you, whether it’s your health, your mental clarity or your sense of individuality.  Simply put: Whatever your motivation may be, using essential oils in and around your home can definitely improve your overall quality of life and promote happiness.

My Offer

I’ve been using essential oils for over 15 years and offer personalized workshops and one-on-one meetings on the benefits of using oils as an everyday lifestyle tool. Appointments can take place at my home in Amstelveen, or at the client’s residence.

These are a great opportunity for group events such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, celebrating a birth or a long-standing friendship, women’s empowerment sessions, creative retreats and many more.

I also offer services to the business sector. My essential oil workshops can be held at conferences, at team-building events, or as a special treat for employees. Contact me for more details on tailoring a unique program for your needs!


Introduction to Essential Oils

This workshop covers the various uses of essential oils in everyday life, and how to best implement them in our daily routine for a healthy, more sustainable lifestyle. Oils greatly differ from one another and offer individual benefits: Invigorating, calming, soothing, cleansing, focusing, and other properties. This workshop will help us decide when and how to use essential oils depending on the desired result, and covers personal use, as well as use in and around the home.

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Cooking with Essential Oils

I began using essential oils in my cooking when I attempted to combat my gluten intolerance. I was persistent in maintaining my quality of life and love of flavors despite my health condition, and essential oils helped me to achieve exactly that. With just a drop or two I could enjoy aromatic and flavorful meals, without having to rely on short-lived fresh herbs or dry herbs which usually contain gluten. Since then, I have discovered that essential oils can help create many simple and delicious recipes, which are not only impressive but also good for your health.

Only the highest quality of essential oils can be used safely for consumption in food and beverages, and they offer a range of benefits: From enhancing flavor to altering moods, relieving common digestive conditions, skin irritations, and more. This workshop will help us determine the safety and benefits of essential oils for dietary use, and inspire us to master the art of cooking with oils. Each participant will receive a digital copy of Sandra Healing’s Recipe Book. This workshop will satisfy your body and your taste buds!

This workshop is 120 minutes. 

Detox and Supplements Workshop

Often our routine strains us: Stress and exhaustion build up, we make poor dietary choices, compromise our sleep, forget to set boundaries and quickly become sore and overworked.

Essential oils have great grounding properties, to us help come back to our center. In this workshop we’ll discuss the common errors we all make and how to combat them with essential oils, in and around our body and home. By addressing both the physical state of our bodies and our mental state, we can concoct a natural remedy to detox, relax and gain new strengths.

This workshop is 90 minutes. 

Aroma-Touch Massage 

Every person is unique, and Aroma-Touch Massage allows us to fully experience that. This isn’t an ordinary massage: Before our session we will have a short conversation where you can describe your purpose for meeting tell me about your lifestyle, situation and desired result. I tailor a customized set of essential oils to use during an invigorating, purifying and relaxing massage. The oils stimulate your senses by scent and by contact on the skin, allowing for an immediate impact on your state of mind and your physical well-being.

Aroma-Touch Massage lasts 45 minutes.
A cup of herbal tea is served to recharge the body after the session.

– Price for 60-minute session: 60 Euros
– Price for 3 sessions: 165 Euros
– Price for 8 sessions: 440 Euros



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