Essential Oils for Mental Health

So much of what factors into our mental state is the result of our immediate surrounding: Our family life, the quality of our sleep, the condition of our home, our relationships at work, our commitments to people and places, etc. By taking care of ourselves we can take care of these daily arenas, and vice versa. A clear and focused mind can help us reach any goal, but this can only be achieved by taking the time to listen and characterize our mental and emotional needs.

Essential oils can be used to balance and maintain our mental health throughout all of these arenas, and help connect the mental with the physical. Essential oils aren’t just a means to reach relaxation, but rather new way to feel good about ourselves and our environment.

My Offer

I’ve been using essential oils for over 15 years and offer personalized workshops and one-on-one meetings on the benefits of using oils to reach mental health and emotional stability. Appointments can take place at my home in Amstelveen, or at the client’s residence.

These are also an opportunity for group events that can bring people closer, address the demons we are all too familiar with, and create a sense of support and community. Workshops are great for any group of women interested in strengthening their bonds and supporting each other, whether family, friends, students or co-workers. The workshops are also recommended as a women-only activity for retreats and festivals.

I also offer services to the business sector. My essential oil workshops can be held at conferences, at team-building events, or as a special treat for employees. Contact me for more details on tailoring a unique program for your needs!


Dealing with Depression

Depression can find us at any time during our life, usually – but not exclusively – after a bruising or overwhelming event, such as a separation from a partner, an illness, giving birth, dealing with unemployment or the passing of a loved one, but can also be the result of a permanent organic condition. Depression may last several months or accompany us throughout our life, with symptoms ranging from lack of motivation and exhaustion, to more serious effects on self-esteem and self-worth, social isolation and even self-harm. Though depression can be an intimidating subject to talk about, the condition can be managed, with the intensity of the negative emotion reduced. This workshop focuses on two aspects of dealing with depression: mood-altering essential oils to promote calmness, focus and happiness, and using essential oils for cleanliness and invigoration around the house. By treating yourself and your environment with stimulation and natural oils, symptoms of depression are relieved and thus can begin the slow and steady climb back to feeling stronger.

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Emotion Management Workshop

Often we feel that if we could clear our mind and reduce our emotional baggage then we would be able to deal with anything. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Emotions have a strong hold on us and on how we perceive the world, because they warn and guide us through current situations by relying on past experiences. Eventually, these past experiences no longer serve us, and this is when our emotions frustrate and limit us. This workshop will show us how we can harness the soothing and uplifting qualities of essential oils to release us from rigid habits and irrelevant emotional baggage. This is a chance to reevaluate and appreciate your emotions, and develop a new story about yourself.

This workshop is 90 minutes.

Stress Relief Workshop

Stress is the leading disease of adults and youths today. Its symptoms vary but generally consist of sleeping disorders, lack of appetite or emotional eating, a sense of worthlessness or self-doubt, procrastination, compulsive thoughts, a sense of feeling overwhelmed and anxious around people or goals. Stress has significant health implications, being one of the main causes of heart and cardiovascular diseases. It also affects lifestyle choices such as diet, rest and addiction. In fact, most of us are so used to living at high levels of stress that we have a hard time protecting ourselves from it and identifying its triggers. This workshop will teach us how to better compartmentalize the stress factors in our life with the help of essential oils to ground us and create space to focus on our mental state. The rich and soothing effects of essential oils are a great natural remedy for stress relief, making this workshop the perfect gift for yourself of for somebody you care about.

This workshop is 90 minutes. 


Aroma-Touch Massage 

Every person is unique, and Aroma-Touch Massage allows us to fully experience that. This isn’t an ordinary massage: Before our session we will have a short conversation where you can describe your purpose for meeting tell me about your lifestyle, situation and desired result. I tailor a customized set of essential oils to use during an invigorating, purifying and relaxing massage. The oils stimulate your senses by scent and by contact on the skin, allowing for an immediate impact on your state of mind and your physical well-being.

Aroma-Touch Massage lasts 45 minutes.
A cup of herbal tea is served to recharge the body after the session.

– Price for 60-minute session: 60 Euros
– Price for 3 sessions: 165 Euros
– Price for 8 sessions: 440 Euros

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