Shamanic Healing Ritural

The Shamanic Healing Ritual is almost as old as civilization itself, dating back around 100,000 years. The ritual is performed for a variety of healing purposes, with the Shaman acting as a vessel to retrieve information from unknown worlds, and bringing it back into the known world, where it reunites with the parts of mind and soul that ached for it. The ritual is an intense, primal and impressive experience, with valuable healing effects for women dealing with trauma, misdirection or other emotional pain.

What is the Shamanic Healing Ritual?

The Shaman practitioner is an individual who can alter their level of consciousness – through trance-like states with singing, rattling, drumming, etc. – and enter on a Shamanic Journey. This journey into unknown worlds uncovers lost power and missing parts of the soul. The Shamanic practitioner is guided towards these valuable resources with the assistance of Spirit Helpers, which bodiless entities which make themselves known to the practitioner.

During the ritual I may become transcendent, singing, drumming or embodying the characteristics of an animal or another entity. Once I have found what is missing from the client’s psyche, I help create a path to bring it back with me, removing blockage or other suppressing factors, and I can then blow it into the client’s heart and head.

What Exactly is Healed During the Ritual?

The soul journey always uncovers surprising information which cannot be attained by logical reasoning or psychology, and this testifies to the intensity of the experience and the desperate need for relief. Usually, but not always, the ritual consists of these healing factors:

– Shamanic Extraction: Identifying energy blocks that are no longer beneficial and ridding the client of them, creating new paths for energy flow.

– Power Animal Retrieval: By bringing back your Power Animal(s), you can rebuild your protections and personal power.

– Transfiguration and Transmutation: Transfiguration means changing form, while transmutation refers to changing the nature. By using both of these tools I can harness the power of entities, matter and spiritual energy to focus healing onto the client. My preferred method with this technique is healing by light and sound.

Who Can Benefit from a Shamanic Healing Ritual?

The ritual can take on many forms depending on your individual story. Everyone is different and I help release inflammation, chronic pain, fears, anxieties, anger, old patterns, trauma, negative thoughts, unhealthy relationships and many more, depending on your personal ability in accommodating intense emotion. If you are experiencing setbacks due to these factors, Shamanic healing will help promote clarity and calmness in your mind, body and soul.

Shamanic Healing Ritual in Amstelveen

Rituals take place in my home in Amstelveen, a safe and peaceful environment, close to nature.

Sessions last 60-90 minutes.
Sometimes arises a need for 1-3 sessions, depending on the person.
Therefore, prices vary accordingly.

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