Women’s Circles

Women’s circles are a joyful and empowering gathering where we can connect with ourselves, other women, and nature. Since early civilization, women have protected one another and shared their wisdom, creating a strong group identity and an empathic bond. We honor ourselves, our mothers and the powerful women of the past in a happy, invigorating celebration of womanhood.

I am an experienced Circle Leader and gladly share my knowledge with women interested in taking part in a unique experience. Women’s circles can be enjoyed by groups of friends, family, colleagues, and even perfect strangers. The circumstances are up to you, so this is a great option for any celebratory event, whether private or professional.

Full Moon Circles in Amstelveen

In addition to women’s circles, I also lead a Full Moon Circle every month in the Amstelveen area. New friends are welcome to join, try and experience. Contact me for more details!

Where Do We Meet?

Women’s circles are usually held in nature, in relatively secluded areas where we can drum, sing, dance, connect, experience intense joy, immediate release or overwhelming emotion. I recommend gathering in the Amsterdamse Bos area, near my home in Amstelveen, but I will gladly travel to other areas of the country to help lead groups in different locations.

It is also possible to take part in circle indoors, but please note that the atmosphere will likely be more subdued, focusing on verbal and psychological communication, and of course must be spacious enough for a group.

What will we do?

First and foremost, women’s circles are meant to create connections, and initially this is achieved by standing with both feet on the ground, paying attention to posture and possible discomfort, but also to a new sense of belonging. I will use a drum or a Shamanic rattle to slowly shift your attention to the beat of the Earth, through which you will soon be able to characterize and feel your own personal rhythm. I will also lead guided meditation, after which will we hold an open and free discussion for every woman to share her input, objections, questions, and of course listen.

The overall experience is fun and joyful, and includes singing, moving and dancing together.

There is no need for previous experience or a special physical ability. If you have any questions, requests or concerns, please feel free to communicate them to me and together we can accommodate your situation.

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