Lifestyle Change

Whether you’re about to celebrate a special event, are feeling a bit stuck or uninspired, or recently went through a life-altering experience, it’s never too late to seek a lifestyle change. Ironically, by surrounding yourself in something new you achieve a greater sense of self and can better characterize your strengths and desired goals. Small changes allow you to maintain control, while being more mindful of negative thinking patterns or relationships that perhaps no longer benefit you.

Whether you’re interested in treating your mind, your body or your ability to connect with others, Sandra Healing can be your first stop to lifestyle change. In a group setting or one-on-one, this is a non-judgmental environment through which to explore your new self.

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Women’s Circles

Women’s circles are a joyful and empowering gathering where we can connect with ourselves, other women, and nature. Since early civilization, women have protected one another and shared their wisdom, creating a strong group identity and an empathic bond. We honor ourselves, our mothers and the powerful women of the past in a happy, invigorating celebration of womanhood.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have many benefits and purposes, which can greatly enhance an already full and blissful lifestyle. Combining essential oils into your daily routine is a fantastic way to protect what matters most to you, whether it’s your health, your mental clarity or your sense of individuality.  Simply put: Whatever your motivation may be, using essential oils in and around your home can definitely improve your overall quality of life and promote happiness. Learn about essential oils, how to combine them in cooking, using oils for detox, and much more.

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