Essential Oils

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated, purified extracts distilled from plants. Usually, essential oils contain the core characteristics of the part of the plant from which they were extracted, therefore containing distinctive nutrients, scents and chemical properties. Essential oils may be retrieved from flowers, roots, seeds or leaves, and their properties vary accordingly.

Throughout most of the human existence, essential oils have been used for various purposes: From enhancing beauty and maintain hygiene, through deterring hazardous insects and animals, to promoting healing of the body through skin contact or digestion.

Learn How to Use Essential Oils

Nowadays, with more and more people seeking natural, fragrant and low-risk remedies to combine into their daily routine, essential oils are experiencing a renaissance. They are a creative, soothing and completely natural tool which can be implemented in multiple ways, for physical and mental benefits. However, due to their concentrated and potent nature, essential oils are best used with proper guidance to ensure the most effective results.

With over 15 years of experience in implementing the many benefits of essential oils in my personal surroundings, I am glad to offer both group workshops and one-on-one counseling on how to combine essential oils in your everyday life. Meetings are held either at my home in Amstelveen, or at the client’s residence, and during which we discuss your lifestyle, concerns and wishes. After learning about your specific needs, I offer personalized recommendations tailored to your habits and home, and offer consultation on the best materials and methods of use. This is the safest, most informative and personalized introduction into the benefits of essential oils.

Why I Use doTERRA Essential Oils

I began using essential oils in cooking to deal with gluten intolerance and several food sensitivities. I decided to commit to clean eating and eliminating processed foods. Fresh herbs never seemed to last long enough, while dry herbs were mostly flavorless and some even contained gluten, so essential oils fit right into my specific needs.

doTERRA is based in the USA and is an industry-leading manufacturer of essential oils, currently leading the research on the benefits of oils and promoting high quality standards across the wellness industry. After experimenting with many different brands, I have found that doTERRA’s products are of the highest quality and therefore can be used safely and effectively for a wide range of purposes. doTERRA’s essential oils can even be used in food and beverages.

On a personal level, I am proud to support the company’s commitment to raising the quality of life of young girls and women – especially in Third World countries – by investing in sustainable personal hygiene solutions and furthering access to education. I also love the fact doTERRA practice co-sourcing. Therefore, I’m most comfortable using doTERRA’s essential oils thanks to the brand’s coherence with my personal values.

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