Mental Health

It can be difficult to come to terms with a mental challenge or face the harmful impact of certain thought patterns and trauma on our life and relationships. Sometimes this difficulty isn’t attributed to repressed feelings or denial, but rather the result of losing touch with parts of us which are valuable. In these cases, even the most willing and self-aware person might encounter difficulty in feeling whole again.

Alternative treatments can bring your back to where you were. In more challenging cases, they may help promote the success of a conventional therapy under the supervision of a doctor or psychologist. For others, these holistic treatments reveal a new sense of self, feeling grounded and in tune with the world, and retrieve a bright sparkle that was thought loss forever.

My Offer

Shamanic Healing

Sandra Healing offers Shamanic Healing Rituals and Soul Retrievals to women seeking to get in touch with parts of themselves that were lost due to the experience of trauma. Traumatic events make us more vulnerable to illness, stress, fatigue, depression and repetitive experiences of failure or distraught in our relationships or in our career path. Shamanic healing is an intense, reconstructive and rehabilitating experience, and rituals are held in the safe and tranquil environment of my home in Amstelveen.

Essential Oils

So much of what factors into our mental state is the result of our immediate surrounding: Our family life, the quality of our sleep, the condition of our home, our relationships at work, our commitments to people and places, etc. By taking care of ourselves we can take care of these daily arenas, and vice versa. A clear and focus mind can help us reach any goal, but this can only be achieved by taking the time to listen and characterize our mental and emotional needs.

Essential oils can be used to balance and maintain our mental health throughout all of these arenas, and help connect the mental with the physical. Essential oils aren’t just a means to reach relaxation, but are also a new way to feel good about ourselves and our environment.

Auratouch Healing

Every living being has an Aura which can be seen of felt. Parts of this Aura may become blocked by negative experiences and trauma, manifesting as physical illness, emotional distress, harmful behavior patterns and feelings of helplessness.

Problems connected to hormonal imbalances and disfunction of the nervous system are energetically linked to the Chakras. According to early Hindu traditions, The Chakras are a set of spiritual or electromagnetic fields embedded in the human body, which serve as an energetic map to identify illness.

The Auratouch healing focuses on reading these two energetic maps: The Aura and the Chakras.

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