Essential Oils for Physical Health

Most people first consider using essential oils for health purposes, either as an alternative treatment after experiencing disappointment from conventional methods, or as a natural and user-friendly remedy to promote healing and reduce discomfort.

For thousands of years humans have used essential oils as a resource for healing and protection, and indeed many of the treatments used today harness the powerful properties of plants. Essential oils have many different health benefits and are a safe option for people seeking to improve their physical well-being.

My Offer

I’ve been using essential oils for over 15 years and offer personalized workshops and one-on-one meetings on the benefits of using oils for physical health. After battling with my personal health, I soon discovered that I could heal myself and avoid discomfort by combining essential oils into my routine, and I haven’t looked back since! Today, I feel that it is my mission to help others find relief with a series of workshops addressing common health issues.

Appointments can take place at my home in Amstelveen, or at the client’s residence. These workshops are usually held on a one-on-one basis to protect the privacy of the client and allow for a free and open discussion, but they can also be adjusted to accommodate a group setting, for example: Women’s Empowerment circles for groups of friends, Team-building for female employees on Women’s International Day, awareness sessions for teenage girls in schools, and many more. Contact me for more details on tailoring a unique program for your needs!


Pain Relief Workshop

Essential oils have many calming and relieving properties: From reducing muscle tension and joint pain, to relieving skin irritations, migraines and stomach aches. Just a few drops can bring on instant relief and combat deterioration of a given medical condition. In some cases, using essential oils for pain can reduce the need for disproportionate medical intervention which can have harsh side effects. This workshop will teach us about the available options for natural remedies, how to identify the best oils for our specific concerns and how to use them safely.

This workshop is 90 minutes. 

Gluten Intolerance and Spastic Colon

Many of us experience exhaustion, irritated skin and scalp, constipation or irritable bowels, and these can all be symptoms of an underlying gluten intolerance. Gluten can be found in most baked goods, heavy carbs and as a filler in processed foods, and receiving a proper diagnosis of an intolerance can take years. Reducing or eliminating gluten from your diet can have many beneficial results, but sometimes it’s not enough to fully relieve our discomfort. This is where essential oils come into play: This workshop will guide us on using essential oils as dietary supplements in food and beverages, so we can achieve a greater sense of control and a long-lasting impact on our health. We will also see how essential oils can be used as a topical treatment for skin symptoms, and for rejuvenation to combat exhaustion.

This workshop is 90 minutes. 

Women and Hormones Workshop

Hormones affect many aspects of our health: our quality of sleep, digestion, skin, weight gain, muscle contractions and menstruation. The physical impact of a hormonal imbalance can also trigger a mental and emotional struggle, so it’s crucial to properly identify the source of discomfort to avoid mistreatment. This workshop will teach us how to address common hormonal challenges we may come to face over time, and how to best minimize their harmful effects with the use of essential oils. Oils are a natural, low-risk remedy to control and relieve hormonal stress, and therefore allow our bodies and minds to function harmoniously.

This workshop is 90 minutes. 

Aroma-Touch Massage 

Every person is unique, and Aroma-Touch Massage allows us to fully experience that. This isn’t an ordinary massage: Before our session we will have a short conversation where you can describe your purpose for meeting tell me about your lifestyle, situation and desired result. I tailor a customized set of essential oils to use during an invigorating, purifying and relaxing massage. The oils stimulate your senses by scent and by contact on the skin, allowing for an immediate impact on your state of mind and your physical well-being.

Aroma-Touch Massage lasts 45 minutes.
A cup of herbal tea is served to recharge the body after the session.

– Price for 60-minute session: 60 Euros
– Price for 3 sessions: 165 Euros
– Price for 8 sessions: 440 Euros

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