Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is the most ancient form of medicine, dating back tens of thousands of years and rising simultaneously in communities across the world. This primal practice finds its power in the Spirit Realm, as information lost from the physical world is retrieved by Spirit Guides, or “Spirit Helpers”, to heal and reconnect us in the known world. According to Shamanism, parts of our soul may detach from us during an event, are taken by another person or given away in childhood. The Shaman then asks for guidance to locate the fragmented soul and bring its components back.

Shamanic Healing in Amstelveen

Sandra Healing offers Shamanic Healing Rituals and Soul Retrievals to women seeking to get in touch with parts of themselves that were lost due to the experience of trauma. Traumatic events make us more vulnerable to illness, stress, fatigue, depression and repetitive experiences of failure or distraught in our relationships or in our career path. Shamanic healing is an intense, reconstructive and rehabilitating experience, and rituals are held in the safe and tranquil environment of my home in Amstelveen.

Who is the Shaman?

A Shaman is an individual who can venture out into hidden worlds, in what is known as a Shamanic Journey. The Shaman seeks guidance from spiritual entities, or “Spirit Helpers” which direct and the Shaman in a search to retrieve power that was lost or taken away, allow the Shaman to bring it back into the known world and reunite with the person who is in need of it.

How does the Shamanic practitioner enter the hidden worlds?

The Shaman enters an altered state of consciousness, such as a trance. There are many ways to achieve this, including by simulating Theta, which is the space between waking and sleep. This can be achieved by drumming, which simulates the pulse of the Earth, rattling, singing or chanting. This median state of consciousness allows the Shamanic practitioner to journey into unknown worlds, to connects with Spirit Helpers.

What are Spirit Helpers?

Spirit Helpers are guides that take the Shamanic practitioner on a journey to retrieve valuable information regarding the person they’re trying to help. This is the same information that was lost during trauma, and can take on many various forms:

– Power Animal: Each person may have several power animals. The Power Animal contains attributes and characteristics that resemble the person. For example, an elephant may appear as the Power Animal for someone with a good memory. Losing your Power Animal exposes you to disease, bad luck and feelings of helplessness.

– Reencountering our lost child: Meeting our childhood selves heals us as adults. An immediate exchange occurs: Negative mindsets and self-harming patterns are replaced with inner peace, and a better sense of self and acceptance. It as an emotionally grueling experience with long-lasting beneficial results.

Who can benefit from Shamanic Healing?

Women who are battling depression, experiencing suicidal thoughts, and feelings of being lost or stuck. This is also true from women dealing with any form of trauma and struggling to get back on their feet, either after a professional hardship, divorce, sexual assault, the passing of a love one, or chronic illness.

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