Intuitive Auratouch Healing

Every living being has an Aura which can be seen or felt. Parts of this Aura may become blocked by negative experiences and trauma, manifesting as physical illness, emotional distress, harmful behavior patterns and feelings of helplessness.

Problems connected to hormonal imbalances and disfunction of the nervous system are energetically linked to the Chakras. According to early Hindu traditions, The Chakras are a set of spiritual or electromagnetic fields embedded in the human body, which serve as an energetic map to identify illness.

The Auratouch healing focuses on reading these two energetic maps: The Aura and the Chakras.

What to Expect

We begin our healing sessions with a conversation, during which we discuss your life, your concerns, complaints about pain or discomfort, and get a better understanding of what I can do for you. By asking questions and paying attention to the information you provide – on a conscious and a subconscious level – I start to read your Aura and shift the energy that is causing blockage.

Intuition plays an important part in Auratouch healing, and therefore I may choose to use a variety of healing tools to optimize my readings and the effectiveness of the treatment itself: Pendulums, crystals, color healing, components of Shamanism and Chakra healing. These are all directed to repair balance and growth, correct and release energy flow between the Chakras, and cleanse your Aura.

Pain relief and a heightened sense of ability can be expected immediately. This makes Auratouch healing a good treatment option for women who are unsure about the reasons they feel held back, and are seeking a less emotionally intense route compared to Soul Retrieval or Shamanic Healing.

The healing ends with tips and advice concerning your ​​lifestyle, nutrition or exercise.

Intuitive Auratouch Healing in Amstelveen

I am a certified Auratouch Healer. A complete healing process consists of 8-10 treatment sessions.
Sessions are held at the privacy and comfort of my home in Amstelveen, where we can choose to work either in the quiet garden or indoors, depending on your preference.

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