Soul Retrieval

The soul is the part of us which contains our unique essence, our purpose, and the sum of our bodily and spiritual experiences. A person whose soul is complete can be easily identified by their bright smile and sparkling eyes, their wholesome and inspiring presence, and a unity between their daily actions and their values.

After a traumatic event – a divorce, sudden loss of a loved one, chronic illness, sexual violence or abusive relationship – parts of our soul are lost. This is sometimes referred to in the feeling of “never being the same again” in a negative sense, or experienced as a loss of innocence and disassociation. The loss of parts of the soul can be seen as a sort of coping mechanism – a way for us to protect ourselves at times of despair – but the downside of soul loss is its manifestation in depression, feeling lost or stuck, helplessness, repetitive failure of relationships or career choices, suicidal thoughts, physical weakness and exhaustion, and even difficulty with reproduction.

What is a Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic practice, meant to reconnect the missing parts of the soul back with their origin, and offer comfort and release to a wounded individual. By retrieving the soul, negative emotional trauma is replaced with a new positive focus, helping to heal and revitalize. It is especially recommended to women who feel connected with nature, because this openness can greatly optimize the work of the Shaman, as the healer passes through the worlds.

How is Soul Retrieval Performed?

I begin performing this Shamanic ritual by talking to the client, learning a bit about their life and their concerns, and ensuring their level of comfort. I also ask that you visualize an image or a situation that will help guide your soul back, or use an object to help “soak” the soul back into the body. A good example of this is envisioning a flower blooming in the sunlight, or using a Rose quartz crystal.

With the help of music – either drumming to simulate the pulse of the Earth, singing, or using Tibetan singing bowls – I enter an altered state of consciousness which allows me to enter on a Shamanic journey. My Spirit Helpers then guide me to the parts of the soul that were lost, and then I can gently negotiate the return of the soul back to the client’s body. I may also encounter more information about your past, your child-self, your ancestry or your Power Animals.

How Does it Feel?

Soul Retrieval doesn’t hurt, but it can cause slight emotional discomfort during the ritual and a few hours after it’s complete. It is an intense experience during which the body receives and celebrates the return of the soul, and the improvements are immediate: A sense of relief, completion, a new joy, forgoing painful patterns and thoughts and instead replacing them with a deeper sense of self.

Soul Retrieval in Amstelveen

Soul Retrieval is performed in my home in Amstelveen, which is a tranquil and safe space for us to talk, engage and heal together. It’s recommended that you have a friend or family member ready to take you back home afterwards, because the intensity of your emotional state could affect your ability to drive safely, but this is only temporary.

In addition to my experience as a Shamanic healer, I am also a long-time collaborator with world renowned healer Sandra Ingerman. As part of this collaboration I translated her book, “Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self”, and also translate her official newsletters.

This special and healing experience usually takes 90 minutes and costs 105 Euros.

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