Physical Health

Most of us are led to believe that physical conditions can only be solved or improved by conventional medicine, and when doctors and hospitals fails us, we may feel completely despaired and overwhelmed.

We may go through unnecessary treatments, or go untreated for years, getting accustomed to suffering and discomfort, which ultimately affect our mental well-being and compromise our sense of self.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative and safe treatment or have exhausted previous methods and feel like giving up, Sandra Healing could hold the solution for improving your physical health. I offer a variety of holistic treatments and workshops that encompass not only your personal medical history but also your daily routine and mental state, in a personal or in a group setting.

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese holistic treatment, developed by Mikao Usui, founder of “Usui Reiki Ryoho”. It harnesses the universal life energy that flows through all beings, to shape and heal both mind and muscle. Unlike other conventional treatments, Reiki is completely safe and can be used on pregnant women, children, women dealing with low blood pressure or other conditions.

Essential Oils

For thousands of years humans have used essential oils as a resource for healing and protection, and indeed many of the treatments used today harness the powerful properties of plants. Essential oils have many different health benefits and are a safe option for people seeking to improve their physical well-being. I specialize in balancing hormones, pain relief, gluten intolerance and spastic colon.

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